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6:00 PM (Beethoven)

Hosted by Conference Platinum Sponsors

We gather together again to celebrate the joys of UV printing with fantastic food, drink, and friendship. Now in our 9th year, the Print UV Welcome Reception is renowned for excellent networking and meeting new attendees in a relaxing and fun environment. And to top it off, the world’s leading gathering of first-tier technology suppliers in the UV, H-UV and LED-UV ecosystems will be on hand to get you started.



8:30 AM (Beethoven)

Print UV Conference attendees are treated to a full buffet style menu designed to nourish both your body and brain in preparation of the amazing information that is to come.


9:30 AM (Brahms)
Welcome and Kickoff

Welcome to our 9th year! Thank you for making Print UV such a success! This year we are focusing on the reason UV got going in the first place: Value Added Processes. From instantly dry to wonderfully glossy, it is the processes that UV makes possible in the pressroom that really gets our juices flowing. We have a few announcements and orders of business to take care of before the conference gets kicking.


10:00 AM (Brahms)
Setting the Stage: From UV to LED, Curing Innovations March Forward

It’s no longer a world of “one-size-fits-all” curing technology. Today’s printers are presented with a rich menu of options to enhance the value-add on their machines… from traditional UV technology, to H-UV, to LED UV. Steve Metcalf provides a “You Are Here Map” on the current status of available UV technologies and how they fit into the language of Print UV and our industry.


10:30 AM (Brahms)
Keynote: Designing the Culture of Value Added Process Development

A master of developing UV Value Added Processes for the high end folding carton industry discusses how your company culture dictates the speed and success of implementing them. He will bring us through his experiences and indicate what has worked and what has failed, as well as a game plan to assure your success in the Value Added UV market. Bring your questions and your notebook!


11:00 AM (Beethoven)
Break - Sponsor Area

Join us for coffee, conversation, and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors.


11:30 AM (Brahms)
WOW Factor One:
Strike Through Coatings and achieving Perfect Spot Gloss and Matte

Only have one coater and want to do spot gloss beautifully? No problem, our panel offers a step-by-step path to success along with tips and tricks for this simple, yet elegant process from experienced printers and suppliers.


11:50 AM
WOW Factor Two:
Reticulated Coatings are bringing Visual and Textural Enhancements to the Sheet

It goes by different names around the world: “Drip-Off” and “Reticulated” are just a few. This value-enhancing technique is in high demand and can be done with the right mix of process ingredients in UV or LED mode. You made it gloss and matte, now take it to the next level for this in-demand Value Added process.


12:15 AM (Beethoven)

Mingle with conference attendees and be sure to bring your appetite!


1:30 PM (Brahms)
We Want That! What to Expect when you Add UV to your Offerings for the First Time

You did the ROI and worked to get a clear understanding from your customers about the demand for UV. It made sense, so you spent the money and made a plan to attack the market. You probably did not expect the results that adding UV would create in your business. A recent UV convert will tell us their story and the exciting results. This is a must for anyone thinking about jumping into UV or needs to re-invigorate that first time experience again.


2:00 PM (Brahms)
WOW Factor Three:
Metallic Inks and Coatings: Shine on you Crazy Diamond!

A step-by-step path to success with metallic-pigmented inks and coatings, along with tips and tricks from experienced printers and suppliers. See stunning samples and learn the pitfalls and limitations of this technique.


2:30 PM (Brahms)
Clean, Mean and Ready for Action – UV Pressroom Maintenance: Part One

Fountain Solution in the UV Pressroom: An optimized fountain solution can be one of the best weapons for consistent results in your UV or LED arsenal. This is a critical follow up to printing with metallic inks as your conductivity will soar!


2:45 PM (Brahms)
WOW Factor Four:
Mechanical Add-On’s: How to Spice Things Up in the Ol’ Pressroom

Adding accessories to your pressroom can jump you into the high-end market overnight. These are big toys for the pressroom! Another guided approach on how to do it and what to look out for with a spotlight on Cold Foil and Cast and Cure system add-ons.


3:30 PM (Beethoven)
Break - Sponsor Area

Join us for coffee, conversation, and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors.


4:00 PM (Brahms)
WOW Factor Five:
Big Chunky Coatings: Is your Anilox Big Enough?

You might not admit it, but you think about doing Big Chunky Coatings every day. The problem is not your desire, but how do you actually get it to work? All of your questions will be answered for getting to the demanding work of Pearlescent, Glitter, Raised and Textured Coatings.


4:45 PM (Brahms)
Clean, Mean and Ready for Action – UV Pressroom Maintenance: Part Two

Anilox Roller Clean Up and Maintenance: After you used it with Big Chunky Coatings, you had better wash it off. Learn the tips and tricks to keep your anilox units humming day-in and day-out for the best results.


5:00 PM (Beethoven)
Print UV Netowkring Reception

Hosted by our Conference Platinum Sponsors

The first day has your mind filled with questions that demand answers! There is no better time than right now! With sponsors representing the world’s top suppliers of technology in the UV ecosystem, the Print UV Networking Reception starts immediately following the end of sessions today. Grab a cool drink and munch on some delicious food while meeting those folks that have the information you seek. Grab your business cards for the ultimate in UV networking.


8:30AM (Beethoven)

Start your day off right! Our second-day breakfast is just as full and hearty as the first, and is provided to all Print UV Conference registered attendees.

9:30AM (Brahms)
Good Morning and Welcome Back

Wow, St. Patrick’s Day in Vegas! Hopefully you are all not feeling too green! Let’s get back to it after a few announcements.

9:45 AM (Brahms)
Printing on New Substrates: Charging Ahead with LED UV

A century old non-UV commercial printer from the UK takes the plunge with LED to boost the efficiencies of their newest press. Within weeks of startup, sales promote the ability to print on virtually any substrate. David Bland tells us about blowing away customer’s expectations and keeping up with the promises of sales, powered by the latest in curing technology.

10:30 PM (Brahms)
WOW Factor Six:
White Washing - Opaque White Best Practices

Printers who specialize in Metalized, Foil and Plastics know the twisted logic of printing with Opaque White. Take an expensive and beautiful substrate, and then cover up most of it with white so you can print on it like a normal sheet. Here we examine the best practices with Opaque Whites, and how LED UV is impacting its success.

11:00 AM (Beethoven)
Break - Sponsors Area

Join us for more coffee and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors!

11:30 AM (Brahms)
Synthetic Substrate Printing: Adhering to the Best Practices

We like to showcase different Synthetic Substrate Printing Tips and Tricks every year. Last year you asked for it and we found the best information on printing on PolyLith, Yupo and other synthetic papers, as well as our old friend and nemesis, Styrene. Whether you use UV or LED, this topic can get you on the road to success.

12:15 PM (Beethoven)

Eat and Network. Network and Eat. Life is good!

1:30 PM (Brahms)
Clean, Mean and Ready for Action – UV Pressroom Maintenance: Part Three

Anilox Chamber and Coating Pump maintenance. Best practices result in easy work.

1:45 PM (Brahms)
WOW Factor Seven:
Today’s Remake of a 90’s Classic - High Gloss UV Coatings!

Right! So the most standard and basic UV Value Added Process we all do is actually what we get the most questions about. Now we add in LED and H-UV coatings, and it seems like a good time to go over the basics again. Just one good idea will remind you of how you shake your money-maker!

2:15 PM (Brahms)
Clean, Mean and Ready for Action – UV Pressroom Maintenance: Part Four

UV system maintenance: How to save $200,000 without really trying. You will be amazed at how little things can go a long way to safeguarding your UV curing investment.

2:30 PM (Brahms)
WOW Factor Eight:
TOP SECRET! Working with Vendors to Develop a New Process

This is a very current example of a printer exceeding the expectations of their customer by developing a new UV and LED printing technique developed specifically for their job. Making this happen required working hand in hand with their vendor and we will hear insights of the process and effort that made their customer’s eyes pop!

3:00 PM (Beethoven)
Break - Sponsor Area

Join us for one last break before the final stretch of Print UV!

3:30 PM (Brahms)
Your UV Report Card: Best UV Practices Over Time

From your first UV start-up, to adding your umpteenth UV press, a lot can change and bad habits will start building up if you are not vigilant. Sit back and think critically of your own UV practices as an expert walks us through a guide to finding and keeping the UV printing standards you have worked so hard to incorporate from the beginning. What grade will you give yourself when you are back in the shop? Don’t miss this final session!

4:15 PM (Brahms)
End of Conference - Closing Remarks

Special announcements will be made at the conclusion of the 9th Annual Print UV Conference.

***NOTE: Agenda is subject to change without notice***