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Early Arriver Golf (Clubhouse, Wynn Golf Course)
For those who love to golf and the opportunity to network in the Las Vegas sunshine, you now have the opportunity to take in the fresh greens at one of the country’s top courses right at the Wynn. Please indicate on your conference registration if you are interested in golf.

* Please note that green fees are not included in the Print UV conference registration fee*


6:00 PM
WELCOME (Beethoven)

Hosted by Conference Platinum Sponsors

Join us for the 8th Annual Print UV Welcome Reception. Say hello to Conference newcomers and old-timers alike. A bounty of refreshments and satisfying appetizers are provided by our Conference Sponsors to help welcome you to the next forty-eight hours of UV education, networking, and engagement! Registered guests and travel guests are welcome.


8:30 AM
BREAKFAST (Beethoven)

Print UV Conference attendees are treated to an incredibly satisfying and hardy breakfast. (This is not your traditional European cold continental fare.) If you are a first-time attendee, prepare yourself!

9:30 AM
Welcome and Kickoff (Brahms)

Hans Ulland - Air Motion Systems, Inc.

Print UV is going technical in our 8th year! This year’s sessions focus on the impact that UV technologies play in shaping the print industry. Each technology will be highlighted and its impact discussed. We will explore the basics and review terminology of standard UV technologies in sheetfed offset, so we are all “on the same page” for the information blitz that is about to happen over the next two days!

10:00 AM
Keynote - Past, Present and Future: New UV Technology Impact! (Brahms)

Dr. Robin E. Wright - 3M

UV technologies have come and gone, but over the last few years there have been monumental UV changes within the print industry. We are fortunate to have as this year’s keynote speaker, someone who sits at the epicenter of UV technology and process development. Additionally, he works for one of the world’s foremost innovative materials companies. Dr. Robin Wright of 3M will walk us through the history of UV systems and applications, while providing us with his informed predictions into what the future holds.

11:00 AM
Break - Sponsor Area (BEETHOVEN)

Join us for coffee, conversation, and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors.

11:30 AM
New UV Technology Impact on Sheetfed Press Manufacturers (Brahms)

Before it goes “live”, everything on your brand-new press has been tested, tweaked, trialed, and tested some more – long before it ever reaches your loading dock and lands on your shop floor. UV technologies including Hw-UV and LED-UV are no different. Hear from a leading sheetfed press manufacturer about how his company’s development and testing methodology and rigorous development procedures put these technologies through an arduous process long before they are ever declared “ready-for-delivery.”

12:15 PM
LUNCH (Beethoven)

Mingle with Conference attendees and be sure to bring your appetite! A savory lunch will be provided.

1:30 PM
UV Tips and Tricks (Brahms)

Many previous Print UV Conference-goers can point to “a single idea” that they picked-up and brought home. It is those types of ideas that make all the difference. In this quick-hit session, we will share the knowledge, so you can be sure to get the most out of your UV printing! (Sometimes what happens in Vegas should NOT stay in Vegas!)

1:45 PM
Low Migration UV Inks: Change is the Only Constant (Brahms)

As we continue looking forward as an industry, consumer product and food packaging requirements will continue to evolve, and Low Migration UV inks will become a standard. Join us for an important update on the status of Low Migration UV Inks, as well as an overview of this all-important – and quickly growing market segment for UV printing.

2:15 PM
New UV Technology Impact on Press Room Consumables: Rollers! (Brahms)

An in-depth, behind the scenes discussion on the impact of adding UV technology from the world of consumables. You might be swayed to believe that it is “all figured out” regarding Hw-UV and LED-UV, however, the required consumables changes can be significant. Hear what can happen when all of the “i’s” aren’t dotted and the “t’s” aren’t crossed and what is required to get the Press Room Consumables puzzle straightened out. Additionally, learn how to get the absolute best performance from your UV or Hybrid rollers!

3:00 PM
BREAK (Beethoven)

Sponsor Area

3:30 PM
Plastics Panel: “One Word: Plastics” (Brahms)

Back by popular demand, get an in-depth look at UV printing on synthetic substrates! It has been a few years, but past responses to this panel discussion have been outstanding – both interesting and informative. We have gathered 3 industry experts that will share their world-class experience regarding these substrates and also answer your questions including what is keeping that quick 1,000 sheet job on press for 3 days straight.

4:30 PM

Another quick-hit session to get the most out of your UV Print experience! Hear a story or two about a couple of nightmare jobs, and learn from the mistakes of others as well as capitalize on their successes.


5:00 PM
Print UV Networking Reception (Beethoven)

Hosted by our Conference Platinum Sponsors

Many would say it is the “Main Event.” There is nothing like the Print UV Networking Reception anywhere in the world – and our new format of an early Networking Reception is guaranteed to be a hit! The reception will immediately follow the conclusion of the Monday general sessions. So, get together with your printing friends – old and new alike – grab a cocktail and a delicious bite to eat – share a story and a couple of laughs, and we promise you will still leave time to enjoy a night on the town!


8:30 AM
BREAKFAST (Beethoven)

Start your day off right! Our second-day breakfast is just as full and hearty as the first, and is provided to all Print UV Conference registered attendees.

9:30 AM
Good Morning and Welcome Back (Brahms)

Hans Ulland - Air Motion Systems, Inc.

Welcome back from what hopefully was a profitable night in Las Vegas. We hope you are prepared for another exciting and informative day of learning and getting to know others within your industry!

9:45 AM
What We Learned at Print UV (Brahms)

We start the day by hearing from a printing company owner that has invested in attending Print UV over the years, and how the information gleaned has impacted his bottom line. Living in the trenches every day, our speaker will provide an engaging overview of implementing best practices on a UV press. This is proof that a clear-head and an open-mind on the second-day morning of the Print UV Conference can pay dividends!

10:15 AM

Micro Coating Panel: Delivering True GRIT with a Soft Touch (Brahms)

Learn industry insights from a condensed Coating Effects Panel that focuses on new Grit Coatings Applications. Get straight answers on how this difficult process can be used and improved in your pressrooms. We will take a deeper look at Soft-Touch Coatings and other improvements that are a must in today’s highly competitive print market.

11:00 AM

Break - Sponsors Area (Beethoven)

Join us for more coffee and refreshments with our Conference Sponsors!

New UV Technology Impact: Ladies and Gentlemen Start your Engines!

11:30 AM
LED-UV: A Revolution in Printing (Brahms)

Steve Metcalf - Air Motion Systems, Inc.

Stop the presses – rather, let’s pull out all the stops and run them at full capacity! The new era of LED-UV printing has arrived, and its worldwide growth is now outpacing traditional UV technology. Many printers are asking, “Wasn’t this supposed to take five years? So, what’s going on?” Steve Metcalf will explore the growth and exceptional benefits of LED-UV. Get in-depth answers from the LED technology market leader for sheetfed offset printing, and learn why LED-UV printing is taking over as the preferred method of energy curing. Some have described LED-UV as the final stage of evolution of the sheetfed offset litho press. We think you too will agree.

12:15 PM
LUNCH (Beethoven)

Prepare yourself for yet another fabulous lunch, and another chance to continue networking with other Conference-goers. Say hello face-to-face to our Conference speakers and ask that burning question as it applies to your operation.

1:30 PM
LED-UV and Hw-UV Mega Panel: Real Life and Straight Talk (Brahms)

Moderated by Allen Jenkins, Director of the International LED UV Association (

As they say, “Let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.” This is an incredible opportunity to hear from printers who choose to implement these new UV technologies, specifically H-UV and LED-UV. They will walk us through their decision-making process, why they chose the technology they chose, and also share what they have learned along the way. Their insights will help anyone considering implementing H-UV and LED-UV technology.

2:15 PM
Panel Joined by: LED and High Wavelength UV Expert Vendors (Brahms)

We will break down the “nuts-and-bolts” of running LED and Hw-UV even further with support from vendors that help printers everyday be successful. If you are already using these technologies, or are considering it in the future, make sure you have a fresh notebook to take plenty of notes. The panel is prepared to answer all of your questions!

3:00 PM
Break - Sponsor Area (Beethoven)

Join us for one last conference break for coffee, refreshments, and more networking! Before you go, shake one more hand, offer one more hello, and pass along one more business card.
You never know – who you’ll need to know – when there’s something you need to know!

3:30 PM
New Process: Long Perfecting with LED UV Technology (Brahms)

Tom Bennett - Premier Printing

Gain real-life experiences and hear jaw-dropping results from a printer who recently converted his existing long-perfector machines into a production powerhouse by simply adding an LED-UV curing system. Whether you have a long-perfector or not, you are guaranteed to walk with a long list of do’s and don’ts including everything from retrofitting considerations to pressroom and bindery impacts to production techniques. Tap into Tom’s trials and tribulations; they might just save you a few headaches and many long nights on the pressroom floor. Tom might even convince you to add a long-perfector LED-UV press to your wish list.

4:15 PM
Cold Foil Tips and Tricks (Brahms)

Mike King - Eagle Systems

Everyone loves Cold Foil – and Mike King is willing to share his knowledge of techniques, tricks and tips that make cold foil sing as a vital part of any print operation. Mike will share his knowhow in a clear and concise manner so you too can easily implement Cold Foil into your operation.

4:30 PM
End of Conference - Closing Remarks (Brahms)

Time to say Goodbye. One last thank you to offer, one last hand to shake, and one last $5 chip to play. Special announcements will be made at the conclusion of the 8th Annual Print UV Conference.